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  • A contingency plan is in place for the potential closure of the salon due to a confirmed COVID outbreak.
  • Facemasks are mandatory by government regulation, if you do not have your own, the salon will provide one for you.
  • The salon ensures adequate supplies of cleaning products, including hospital grade detergents and disinfectants. Every station is cleaned thoroughly after each guest.
  • The total number of people within the salon is to equal 1 person per 4 square metres.
  • All signage of physical distancing and maximum occupancy requirements are visually displayed for all guests and staff.
  • COVID-19 forms and daily tracing sheets have been created to record the attendance of staff, clients and all visitors to the salon.
  • All staff and guests must sign in and have their temperature checked as they arrive at the salon.
  • We ask that all clients arrive at their appointment with clean hair (however the stylists will wash your hair on the day)
  • If you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms, please contact us to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • The salon has removed all magazines, therefore we ask that guests provide their own entertainment.
  • Please bring your own water bottle for hydration if preferred not in a disposable cup.
  • Upon arrival, please use sanitiser or wash your hands before heading through to your station. Your stylist will ask if you have been well and not experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms.
  • Ensure you maintain adequate social distancing measures, 1.5m,  at the reception desk and waiting areas.
  • Card payments are preferred.
  • The front door, fire exit and windows will be open where possible to enhance air flow (whether permitting) and to avoid “touch points” on handles.
  • Guests are asked to not have bare feet on chair legs or footrests.
  • Please do not bring any extras, ie friends or children, to your appointment. If this is required, please contact us prior to your appointment.
  • All towels and wraps are laundered after every use.
  • All equipment is sanitised after each service with sanitiser spray and washed regularly with soapy water, including blow dryers, straighteners, all brushes, cutting combs and clips.
  • All stylists wear gloves where possible to limit transmission.
  • Basins are wiped over with hospital grade disinfectant after each client.
  • Anti bacterial spray and disinfectant wipes are provided for your use in the bathroom. Please use disposable hand towels.
  • If sneezing or coughing, use the inside of your elbow and not hands to cover mouth.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the salon on 9763 3360 or


The team at Ablaze Hair Artistry are expertly trained and qualified in all facets of hairdressing that include the following services.
– Precision Hair Cutting
– Advanced Colour Correction
– Formal-Bridal
– Débutante Hairstyling
– Blow-drying
– Smoothing Straightening
– Perming
– Waving
– FREE Consultations
– And a list of many other services all aimed to suit your individual needs and personal requirements.



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